Don’t Do Drugs, Do Trainers (Pics)

Notice anything unusual here?

Pretty Sure These Chicks Have Been Doping

Pretty Sure These Chicks Have Been Doping 2

This is an advertising campaign about doping, but mostly people will be making fun of the tagline: “Don’t Do Drugs. Do Trainers.” Yeah, nothing to make a joke about there. And if they want to dissuade this type of behavior, then they shouldn’t have given the running chick such sweet mutton chops and an awesome Fu Manchu. I can see where chicks would dig that look and want it for themselves.

So the message here is that doping will cover your body with hair like a werewolf but won’t add any muscle? There’s some truth in advertising for you. Have you seen Caster Semenya? Yeah, her last name is hysterical, but we’re not talking about that now. She has male testes and tons of testosterone and she doesn’t have any hair. She’s built like T.O. though.

You know who hasn’t been doing the dope? Whoever this lovely tennis player is.