Pool Basketball Domination is Dominant (Video)

Who says white men can’t dunk? Check out these dunking teens from Mission Viejo. And then stay tuned after this first video for our interview with these kids from the post-op room at a local California hospital. Heh heh.

These kids are amazing and also have a screw loose. I remember those days. When you’re a kid of that age you think you’re invincible. You keep on doing crazy stunts until something drastic occurs, like maybe a slight miscalculation while doing parkour stunts that leave you unconscious on the ground. Or maybe you try to dunk without the assistance of a 15-foot high roof and realize that you have the vertical jump of a 300-lb. fat woman.

So celebrate now, you crazy pool-dunking teens. Pain and horror are right around the corner. I wish I could change that for you but it’s the way of the internet. We’ll see you next time, when you are bloodied and bashed after a failed double flip dunk attempt. And don’t say we didn’t warn ya.

Hat Tip Video – [BallDon’tLie]

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