Spanish Bull Fighter Gored Where the Sun Don’t Shine (Pics)

Spanish Bull Fighter Pedro Muriel Gored Where It Hurts

If the goring of Spanish bullfighter Julio Aparicio, who took a bull’s horn right through the cheek, didn’t teach any of these crazy souls a lesson, then I don’t know what will.

This time it was Spanish banderiller Pedro Muriel, who was gored during a bullfight at the Malagueta bullring in Malaga. Lucky for Pedro, he escaped somehow without any serious injuries and his manhood still intact.

Some might say the attack was karma, after the purple spandex-clad man had harpooned the bull with pointed sticks, known as banderillas.

Muriel was gored on the inside of his thigh but luckily escaped without serious injuries after the attack.

I have to give it to these guys for having the balls to step in the ring with these goring beasts. You couldn’t get me in that ring, if you paid me millions — I have balls, but ones I don’t feel like risking.

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