Bodybuilder Flips Out and Attacks Judge (Video)

Uh oh. Did someone maybe make a comment about his small pee-pee?

That dude was mad because he spent all that money on roids and didn’t win the big prize. He was up there showing everyone his severely reduced kibbles and bits and spent all that time looking at himself in the mirror and pumping iron and he got…last place. Too bad, Mexican Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Props to the judge. He was telling Mexican Arnold to take his HGH-self back up to the stage with the rest of the bodybuilders. He wasn’t backing down. But then a mini-war breaks out and the judge defends himself pretty well. Mexican Arnold grabs a chair Lucha-Libre style. Really? You have muscles on your muscles and you want to hit someone with a folding chair? So weak.

Tempers will flare. Just ask LeGarrette Blount. He’ll hit anything that moves. You know who should have got smacked around more when they were little kids? Michael Jordan’s kids. Spending 50+ grand on nonsense and telling the world about it. MJ should send Charles Oakley over there to give them a little “what for”.

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