Sportscaster Jessica Kastrop Hit in the Head with Soccer Ball (GIF)

Meet German sportscaster Jessica Kastrop. And then laugh after she gets totally nailed in the head with a soccer ball. And this thing had some steam on it. Here’s the video from last weekend.

I know people and sports fans that would pay good money to nail their “favorite” sportscaster in the head with a soccer ball. I can think of a bunch right off the top of my head:

Stephen A. Smith, Jay Mariotti, half of the ESPN personalities, Chris Berman (twice), Chip Caray (just because), the UPS white board guy, who’s technically not a sportscaster but on my TV thousands of times when I’m trying to watch NCAA’s March Madness, Jay Mariotti (again), man–this is going to be a long list.

You know who wouldn’t get a soccer ball to the head from me? Don Cherry. That guy is awesome. But my #1 target would be the guy who is all over my TV too much — Ochocinco.

Hat Tip – [DirtyTackle]

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