Winnipeg’s Mayor Soccer Kicks Kid’s Face (Video)

That’s a red card, Mr. Mayor.

Maybe kicking the kid’s face was merely an accident. Maybe the mayor was sending a message. A message that says, “here’s for your saggy, underwear-showing pants, your loud offensive rap music, your making me play soccer instead of hockey and missing my lunch date with my mistress. Eat shin, punk!” Whoa.

I like how the mayor just keeps playing, basically telling the kid to walk it off and man up. Ah, we need more men like his honor, right?

What we don’t need more of is men that aren’t men but look like men. And no, I’m not simply referring to Ellen DeGeneres. I’m talking about these really hairy women. Back to the kid for a minute. He did man up and got back into the game. Good for you kid. Maybe send a get well card to the kid in this video. Because I’m not sure if he has gotten off the ground yet. Little homie got laid out.

Hat Tip [DeadSpin]

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