Usain Bolt Wants To Play For Manchester United

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The fastest man on Earth now wants to become the fastest man on the pitch.

Usain Bolt has decided to take the rest of the 2010 track-n-field season off to rest his back, but perhaps his real motive behind this leave of absence is to work on his soccer skill in an attempt to play for English club giants Manchester United.  Since his record-breaking performance at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Bolt has had the opportunity to visit several of the world’s greatest soccer clubs, including his two favorites, Man U and Real Madrid.  Now he wants to make these visits a little more permanent.

Bolt does have some experience, playing the left defensive midfield position during his high school days.  And he does remain confident in his abilities, stating in his autobiography (set to be released Thursday) that no one has really witnessed his skills, but if Sir Alex Ferguson saw him on the pitch during a charity match, he might feel that Bolt could be a quality replacement for Ryan Giggs.

While some feel that this may be a little far fetched, and may even be a ploy to gain attention and sell more books, the Guradian’s Simon Hattenstone believes that this could be more than just a publicity stunt:

I ask about his ambitions. Ultimately, he says, he’d love to make a go of playing football professionally. He’s being deadly serious. One of the perks of being Usain Bolt is that sporting stars love to meet him, so whenever he’s travelling and there’s time, he tries to train with a top football team. Last year it was Manchester United, a few days ago it was Bayern Munich. He’s still carrying a copy of the French sporting newspaper L’Equipe, which features a spread on his football skills and praise from Bayern manager Louis van Gaal. He shows me a photo of himself with his arm wrapped round the dwarfed 6ft German forward Miroslav Klose. “If I keep myself in shape, I can definitely play football at a high level,” he says. [The Guardian]

Bolt has showcased some of his soccer skills before on the pitch.  And I do suppose that every team can use a man who can run 100-meters in under 10 seconds.  But perhaps Bolt should set his sights on a more realistic goal, like playing in the MLS, before attempting to play with his favorite club, Man U.

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