NCAA Soccer Cat Fight: 2010 Edition (Video)

It was only one year ago when we showed you the now infamous beating that New Mexico defender Elizabeth Lambert laid on her BYU opponents.  Well folks, it looks like it is just about that time of month year again.  The Women’s NCAA soccer season is back in the swing of things, and you now what that means….Cat Fights!!!

This time around it was the Oregon Ducks’ Mercedes Walters doing the slapping, clawing, and hair pulling.  As for her victim, that would be the lovely Kyndall Treadwell of Oklahoma State.

As a male, I can’t help but be disappointed that these two ladies were separated before any clothing could be torn off, but at least Kyndall was able to escape this incident without any significant damage to her face.  We wouldn’t want to see a pretty face like that get all hacked up over a soccer game, would we?

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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