2010 NFL Season Preview And Predictions

Drew Brees

Another NFL season is upon us, and like any other year there are numerous story lines, rivalries, and game breaking players that should make 2010 an exciting year for football fans everywhere.  The games kick off Thursday night with a rematch of last year’s NFC Championship Game and will continue until February 6, 2011, when the Super Bowl is set to take place at Cowboys Stadium.  As for the five months between now and then, it is anyone’s guess as to how things will sort themselves out.

After taking a look into our crystal ball, here is how we see things working out during the 2010 NFL season.


New England Patriots (Division Winner): With Brady back at 100% and the Moss/Welker combo at his disposal, expect the air-show to be back on in New England.  (Just One Question: They can score points, but will they be able to score enough to overcome a young, inexperienced secondary?)

New York Jets (2nd, Wild Card): With Darrelle Revis signed, the Jets’ defense will once again be among the stingiest units in the NFL.  (Just One Question: They made it to the AFC Championship Game last season, but can Mark Sanchez take his game, and his team, to the next level?)

Miami Dolphins (3rd): Many have counted them out already, but with a healthy Ronnie Brown, and the additions of Brandon Marshall and Karlos Dansby, they could make things even more crowded atop the AFC East.  (Just On Question: Chad Henne looked good at the end of last season, but can he carry that over into 2010 as the full-time starter?)

Buffalo Bills (4th): After C.J. Spiller, there really isn’t much to get excited about with this team.  (Just One Question: Who are we kidding?  The Bills have way more than just one question.  Where do we start?)


Baltimore Ravens (Division Winner):  A team that has been know for their defense for years has suddenly built themselves what appears to be a potent offense.  (Just One Question: They have placed the receivers around him.  Now can Flacco prove why the Ravens used a first round pick on him in 2008?)

Pittsburgh Steelers (2nd):  The return of a healthy Troy Polamalu could be enough to take the Steelers back to another Super Bowl.  (Just One Question: Will they be able to overcome Roethlisberger’s four-game suspension to start the season?)

Cincinnati Bengals (3rd):  Palmer, Benson, Owens and Ochocinco make this offense as lethal as ever.  (Just One Question: How will the combination of Ochocinco and T.O. hold up over the course of one full season?)

Cleveland Browns (4th):  Another rebuilding year for the Browns should mean another year in the AFC North basement.  (Just One Question:  Jake Delhomme?  Are you serious?)


Indianapolis Colts (Division Winner):  After losing in last season’s Super Bowl, Manning and company will be looking for revenge in 2010.  (Just One Question: Will they fall victim to “the curse of the Super Bowl loser”?)

Houston Texans (2nd, Wild Card):  Their offense showed signs of brilliance last season and with a running game that finally seems to be working, this could be the year the Texans make the playoffs.  (Just One Question:  Does Coach Kubiak finally have a number one running back in Arian Foster?)

Tennessee Titans (3rd):  When you have Chris Johnson on your team, you always have a chance to make some noise.  (Just One Question: Can Vince Young finally put together solid back-to-back seasons?)

Jacksonville Jaguars (4th):  Maurice Jones-Drew is still there, but we may be asking too much of him to carry this team out from the division basement, let alone the playoffs.  (Just One Question: A lot of draft picks have been invested into this defense.  Can they produce?)


San Diego Chargers (Division Winner):  The days of LaDainian Tomlinson are over, but they seemed to have replaced him with another impressive workhorse back in Ryan Matthews.  (Just One Question: Can Antonio Gates and Malcolm Floyd fill the void left by the absence of Vincent Jackson?)

Kansas City Chiefs (2nd):  If Jamaal Charles can pick up where he left off in 2009, he could be the second coming of Chris Johnson.  (Just One Question: Can Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weiss bring some of that Patriots’ magic to Kansas City?)

Denver Broncos (3rd):  Tim Tebow may be the Broncos’ quarterback of the future, but Kyle Orton will continue to be relied on as the quarterback of now.  (Just One Question: Will Knowshon Moreno fall victim to the dreaded sophomore slump?)

Oakland Raiders (4th): Jason Campbell should improve their quarterback situation, but that is like improving from a Ford Pinto to a Mercury Topaz…You’re still driving a piece of sh*t.  (Just One Question: After seven years of embarrassment, can the Raiders finally return to respectability?)


New York Giants (Division Winner):  Some key additions on the defensive side of the ball could take the Giants back to the top of the NFC East.  (Just One Question: Will a healthy defense help them improve their numbers against the pass?)

Dallas Cowboys (2nd):  With Dez Bryant now in the mix, their offense should be even more explosive in 2010.  (Just One Question: With expectations higher than ever in Dallas, how will Romo perform under the pressure?)

Philadelphia Eagles (3rd):  Kevin Kolb’s era beings this season and he will have plenty of weapons on offense to work with.  (Just One Question: Can LeSean McCoy and Kevin Kolb prove to be as effective as Brian Westbrook and Donovan McNabb were?)

Washington Redskins (4th): McNabb was brought in to take the Redskins back to the top of the NFC East, but he will be lucky if he can make it through the entire season.  (Just One Question:  Can Mike Shanahan solve the problems that have plagued the Redskins over the past several years?)


Green Bay Packers (Division Winner):  There is nothing the Packers and their fans would love more than to leap-frog Favre and the Vikings in the standings.  (Just One Question: With one more year of experience under Aaron Rodgers’ belt, could the Packers have the NFL’s best offense in 2010?)

Minnesota Vikings (2nd, Wild Card):  With or without Brett Favre, the Vikings are in good hands thanks to a solid defensive unit and Adrian Peterson running the ball.  (Just One Question: Favre is back, but can he repeat what he did in 2009?)

Detroit Lions (3rd):  Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson should be headed for a big improvement in their second season together.  (Just One Question: He has the skills to be a big-time player in the league, but will Jahvid Best be able to stay healthy?)

Chicago Bear (4th):  Something tells me that Jay Cutler running the offense under a Mike Martz system is bound to turn into a disaster. (Just One Question: Can Julius Peppers, Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs make the Bears defense a top unit in the league again?)


New Orleans Saints (Division Winner):  With Drew Brees back under center, there is no reason to believe that the Saints are not capable of winning another Super Bowl.  (Just One Question: Now that they have won one, how will the Saints respond when everyone else in the league is gunning for them?)

Atlanta Falcons (2nd, Wild Card):  A bounce-back year from Matt Ryan and Michael Turner can send this team back into the playoffs.  (Just One Question: How long will the curse of 370 affect Turner?)

Carolina Panthers (3rd):  With a running game as strong as theirs, and a solid defensive secondary, the Panthers do have the ingredients to be one of 2010’s surprise teams.  (Just One Question: Can Matt Moore do enough to compliment an already strong running game?)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4th): Josh Freeman at quarterback and the addition of two rookie wide receivers could mark the beginning of what may turn out to be a strong offensive unit in Tampa.  (Just One Question:  They have looked great in the pre-season, but are Arrelious Benn and Mike Williams the real deal?)


San Francisco 49ers (Division Winner):  Mike Singletary has put his stamp on this team, and that is most evident in their hard nosed defense.  (Just One Question:  Can Alex Smith assert himself as the full-time number one quarterback that the 49ers hoped they were getting when they drafted him 1st overall in 2005?)

Arizona Cardinals (2nd):  They still have Larry Fitzgerald, but the loss of Kurt Warner and Anquan Boldin may be too tough to overcome.  (Just One Question: Will Derek Anderson be able to get the ball into the hands of his weapons at wideout?)

St Louis Rams (3rd):  Sam Bradford will be relied upon to carry the offense in the future, but right now it is on the shoulders of Steven Jackson.  (Just One Question: How will the 2010 first overall pick perform in his first NFL season?)

Seattle Seahawks (4th):  Pete Carroll has been asked to step in and bring the Seahawks back to the playoffs, but this project will take longer than a single season.  (Just One Question:  How will Carroll sort out a messy backfield situation?)

PLAYOFF PREDICTIONS (playoff seeding in brackets):

Wild Card Round:

Baltimore Ravens (4) over New York Jets (5)
Houston Texans (6) over San Diego Chargers (3)

Minnesota Vikings (5) over San Francisco 49ers (4)
Green Bay Packers (3) over Atlanta Falcons (6)

Divisional Round:

Indianapolis Colts (1) over Houston Texans (6)
New England Patriots (2) over Baltimore Ravens (4)

New Orleans Saints (1) over Minnesota Vikings (5)
New York Giants (2) over Green Bay Packers (6)

Conference Championship:

New England Patriots (2) over Indianapolis Colts (1)
New Orleans Saints (1) over New York Giants (2)

Super Bowl:

New England Patriots over New Orleans Saints

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