Is Leonard Weaver’s Knee Supposed To Bend That Way (Video)

Lincoln Financial Field was not a friendly place for running backs yesterday evening.  The Packers’ Ryan Grant was forced to leave the game late in the second quarter with what was believed to be a sprained ankle.  And moments before that unfortunate incident occurred, the Eagles’ Leonard Weaver was on the receiving end of this frightening shot to the knee.

Initial reports indicated that Weaver had only suffered a sprain, but after the game coach Andy Reid said that his backup running back may have torn the ACL in his knee.

This appears to be one of those instances where we will simply have to wait and see what the MRI has to say about Weaver’s knee, but should he come out of it with only a sprain, he can consider himself to be a very lucky man.  That is like having unprotected sex with Paris Hilton and coming away with a simple case of chlamydia or the clap.

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