Ricky Hatton’s Cocaine Bing Caught On Camera (Video)

How hard does Manny Pacquiao punch?  So hard that it will knock your life into a downward spiral.  At least that appears to be the effect it has had on the life of boxing legend Ricky Hatton.

Since his last professional fight, which was a second round knockout loss to Pacquiao in May of 2009, Hatton has hit rock bottom and was last seen in this homemade video snorting several lines of cocaine in a Manchester hotel.

The footage was first revealed by News Of The World after Ricky’s friend Emma Bowe (who is also a boxer) released the tape to the newspaper telling them, “I’m doing this for Ricky’s own good. I hope he gets help and advice before cocaine destroys him.”

It is still too early to tell if this strategy will work, but it does appear to have Hatton rethinking his out-of-control lifestyle.  Max Clifford, a spokesperson for Hatton, has spoken to his client since the incident and said that he is “very upset” over it:

“He feels he’s let everybody that matters down badly, his friends, his family, his fans and of course most of all himself, that he is, in his own words, he’s been in a bad place for some time, probably before even his last fight and obviously he’s really upset about what has happened but he totally takes responsibility, takes the blame, ‘It’s all down to me’.

“He just wants to let everybody know how he feels, he’s got to sort himself out.” [News Of The World]

It is unfortunate to see that it took a publicly released tape of Hatton snorting cocaine to finally bring him to his senses, but at least he now realizes that the lifestyle he is currently living is not a healthy one for himself, or his family.  However, on important question remains:  Will it be enough to change his ways?

We can only hope so.

Hat Tip – [News Of The World]

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