Ray Lewis Shows Dustin Keller The Real Meaning Of “Hard Knocks” (Video)

Ray Lewis was the focal point of a war of words that developed between the New York Jets and the Baltimore Ravens going into their Monday night battle at the New Meadowlands Stadium.  Lewis, like most of us, was tired of hearing the Jets talk like they are the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints.  He also threw in some additional shots, telling the Jets that he is glad they signed cornerback Darrelle Revis so that there would be no excuses going into the game.  Some might say that Ray should save his talking for the field, but those who know Ray Lewis know that there are two things he does better than any other player in the league:

1.  Trash talk an opponent.

2.  Back that trash talk up with some big plays and bruising hits.

If Dustin Keller didn’t know this before, he found #2 out the hard way last night.

Now that is how you separate ball from man.

With the loss, the Jets begin the season 0-1 with the New England Patriots up next.  It looks like the Hard Knocks have only just begun.

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