Tiger Woods Now Swearing Around His Kids Like A True Weekend Dad

tiger woods swearing

With the divorce between himself and now-ex-wife Elin Nordegren official, Tiger Woods will be forced to take on a new role as “weekend dad” with his children, and it appears as though he has stepped into that new role quite nicely.  According to an eyewitness, Tiger was recently out on the golf course with his two children, Sam and Charlie, when he was heard using the F-bomb repeatedly while cheering on his friends.

As stated by Radar Online:

While on the golf course in his private community of Isleworth, Tiger was with his two children, Sam and Charlie, plus a nanny and a male friend. He stopped to give a neighbor and another golfer pointers. His stream of expletives were then overheard by other golfers on the driving range.

“Tiger was watching a friend hit balls and when they hit a good one Tiger said: ‘F*ck yeah’ to cheer them on,” an eyewitness told RadarOnline.com exclusively. “Every time someone hit a ball he used “mother (bleeper)” and “f*ck” while talking about the shots,” the source said. [Radar Online]

At one point during the round, Tiger gave his son Charlie a club and told him to show off his swing.  After connecting on an impressive shot, a proud tiger was heard saying to his friend, “Not bad for a little sh*t.”

So should we all be up in arms over this latest bit of news regarding Tiger’s private life?  I wouldn’t be.  After all, the guy is known for tossing around both clubs and expletives on the golf course during live televised events.  So why should we be surprised to hear that he does the same when the cameras are off?

I say we let the f*%ker do all the f*&king swearing he wants to do.  If he is going to be a weekend dad from now on, we may as well allow him to act like one.

Hat Tip – [Radar Online]

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