Hispania Pit Crew Member Struck By Sakon Yamamoto’s Car (Video)

Being present in pit row during an automobile race can be dangerous.  We have  witnessed the dangers that come with such a job before, and we were reminded of it once again this weekend.

During the Formula One Italian Grand Prix over the weekend, the radio engineer for Team Hispania was hit by the back tire and rear wing of Sakon Yamamoto’s car as he was exiting pit row.  The injured crew member could be seen leaning over into the cockpit to repair something when suddenly Yamamoto began to speed off, sending the man tumbling across the ground.

Reports indicate that he was responsive the entire time as medics attended to him and was later taken to the hospital, but was not believed to be seriously injured.  Team Hispania was fined $20,000 over the incident.

There is a Team Hispania in Formula One?  Could have fooled me.  I guess running over a pit crew member is one way to get people to realize you exist.

Hat Tip – [Guardian]

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