Turkish Soccer Match Suspended After Coach Gets Stabbed By His Own Brother (Video)

When it comes to soccer matches, no one is ever safe.  Not the fans in the stands.  Not the players on the field.  Not even the reporters on the sidelines.

And certainly not the coaches.

With that being said, we take you to Mersin, Turkey, where the manager of Turkish second division club Mersin Idmanyurdu was stabbed during a game by his own brother.  That’s right!  His own brother!

The stabbing was not caught on camera, but reports indicate that Yuksel Yesilov was on the sideline coaching his team when his brother emerged from the stands and stabbed him.  As for the motive behind the stabbing, Yuksel’s brother claims that it was the result of a personal feud, meanwhile Yuksel has said that he has not spoken to his brother in several years and the incident was likely the result of some mental issues his brother is facing.

“My brother has problems with his head, he did it just to get publicity. The game was live on television and he wanted to appear. I have not spoken with him for seven years. ” [Globesporte]

Yuksel was lucky to survive the incident, but as long as his crazy brother is lurking around he may want to avoid attending any family reunions or get-togethers.  Here is a look at what transpired on the field following the incident.

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