The Ultimate Sign Of Disrespect (Video)

Talking trash someone’s mom, hitting on another man’s wife, or setting ablaze and pissing on an individual’s memorabilia are all signs of disrespect, but there may be no greater sign of disrespect than what you are about to see.

Allow me to explain.

This was the scene outside the home of some Ohio State fans prior to their football game against the Miami Hurricanes this past weekend.  You will notice the Canes fans performing their chant on the front lawn of the Buckeyes fans, but pay special attention to the man in the white Miami Heat jersey.  Not only is he wearing a LeBron James #6 Heat jersey in Ohio (already a sign of disrespect in itself), but after performing his little dance, he takes a swing at one of the Ohio State fans.  That’s right.  A Miami boy comes to the state of Ohio (for those who are unaware, Cleveland is in Ohio), puts on his LeBron James jersey, and starts throwing his fists in the direction of Buckeyes fans.

In certain places a brother could get himself killed for showing such disrespect.  Unfortunately, this video was cut short and now we will never know exactly what happened to this brave jackass.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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