Who Needs Cheerios When You Can Have Ochocinco’s

Chad Ochocinco is probably never going to make it onto a Wheaties box, but that isn’t going to stop him from having his face plastered on the front of cereal boxes all over America.

Introducing Ochocinco’s Honey Nut Toasted Oats: Its the breakfast for wide receiver divas with over-exuberant touchdown celebrations.  Or wait…wasn’t that the slogan for T.O.’s Honey Toasted Oats?

ochocinco's cereal

The cereal, which was created by PLB Sports, was released at the Kroger Marketplace store in Newport, KY on September 7th.  Just in time for Chad to have a bowl of his own before recording 159 yards and a touchdown in the Bengals’ week one loss to the Patriots.

I guess now Ochocinco can have his cake cereal and eat it too.

Hat Tip – [Sports Business Digest]

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