Groping? So That’s What Goes On In Those Celebratory Pileups!

championship pileup

It is one of the oldest and most common rituals in sports.  The celebratory pileup has become a fixture amongst championship winning teams as the feeling of victory and knowing that you are the best is enough to make you want to jump on top of your fellow teammates that you have worked so hard with and sacrificed so much for throughout the course of the season.

But what really goes on within that large pile of bodies?

If you said groping, you are correct.  At least that is the case in Meeker County, where two individuals (age 16 and 17) from the Eden-Valley Watkins High School baseball team (not pictured above) may be facing felony and misdemeanor charges of criminal sexual conduct.

The allegations stem from an incident after practice in the spring in which players might have touched others inappropriately among a large pile of players, Superintendent Larry Peterson said. [TwinCities Pioneer Press]

The pileup occurred after Eden-Valley Watkins finished their season 27-0, winning the championship game on June 9 at Target Field.

I can understand some innocent grabbing and touching, but how bad was this groping to incur  a criminal investigation?  I guess there is no better way to tell your teammates you appreciate their hard work than by giving them a reach-around and an intense ‘goosing’.

Hat Tip – [Out Of Bounds]

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