21 Intentionally (and Unintentionally) Hilarious Sports Jerseys (Pics)

funnyJerseys are a double edged sword. In the right context, they’re a perfectly acceptable thing to wear. But in the wrong context, they make you look like a fool. In some cases, fans themselves have cut out the middle man to make intentionally hilarious jerseys. Other times, people are just blissfully unaware of why the people around them are laughing. Here are 21 examples showcasing both sides of that coin.

Finger Bang
funny-jersey (3)
Everybody loves a good finger bang now and again. So what better way to celebrate this often overlooked sexual act than with a customized “Finger Bang” jersey (besides an actual finger bang, of course).

Frugal Farve
funny-jersey (7)
That’s what I love about the Midwest. People are sensibly frugal.

funny-jersey (25)
Homophobia is no laughing matter. That being said, this jersey is friggen hilarious.

funny-jersey (16)
I do admire Boston’s undying hatred of all things Yankees. Sure, 9 times out of 10 it comes off as unbelievably sad and pathetic, but it’s still usually good for a laugh.

Ron Mexico
funny-jersey (1)
As demonstrated by his choice of an alias, Michael Vick isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Actually, it’s not a shed so much as a pen, and there aren’t many tools, other than a few leashes and some garbage bags.

F Me?
funny-jersey (26)
Strong words for a town known for it’s gay nightlife. But that’s a bad ass cooler bike, bro!

Leaf’s Suck
funny-jersey (6)
The only way to improve this jersey would be to ad “, eh!” to the end of it.

George Costanza
funny-jersey (19)
They’re all out of Costanza jerseys? Well the Jerk Store called, and their all out of you!

funny-jersey (18)
Only in Green Bay could switching to another team be equated with murdering the son of God.

Ryan Leaf?
funny-jersey (5)
Jesus Christ? Ryan Leaf? The only way this picture makes any sense is if he’s going to buy that charcoal and burn that jersey.

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