Dolphins’ Cornerback Vontae Davis Injured During Celebration (Video)

Defensive players are generally not known for their celebrations.  Here is another example of why that is the case.

I can understand celebrating after an interception, fumble recovery, or maybe even a sack, but what is the point of doing a little dance following a tackle?  You are a defensive player in the National Football League.  Making tackles is what you get paid to do.  The guy lining up across from you catches the ball on the line of scrimmage.  It is your job to make the tackle before he can turn it into a big gain.

So when you do successfully stop your opponent in his tracks, you can either act like you have been there before, or make yourself look like an ass, which is precisely what Vontae Davis chose to do.

Does it get any worse than an injury during a celebration?

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