Tyler Colvin Impaled By Broken Bat (Video)

In baseball, standing 90 feet from home plate is supposed to be a good thing, but it turned out to be a nightmare for the Cubs’ Tyler Colvin.  Sitting safely at third base, Colvin was awaiting a hit from teammate Welington Castillo to bring him home, but he surely was not expecting what would happen next.

Castillo would drive in the run on a broken bat ground-rule double, however, the splintered piece of bat would strike Colvin in the chest as he made his way home.  Colvin scored, but was immediately rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital with a puncture wound below his collarbone.  He is in stable condition, but remains in the Ryder Trauma Center where he is being treated to prevent a collapsed lung.

Here is a look at the incident from Sunday’s game.

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