The Stat Line of the Night — 9/20/10 — Drew Brees

drew breesIf you tuned into Monday Night Football last night expecting to see a regular football game, you were sorely mistaken.  Last night’s game was a combination of great defense, gutsy offense, and some memorable bloopers.  On the first series of the game, the 49ers back-up center snapped the ball about 12 feet above 9er quarterback Alex Smith’s head forcing him to tap the ball out of the back of the endzone for a safety.  With winds swirling and Saints quarterback Drew Brees bringing his A-game, that safety would prove to be crucial down the stretch for the Saints, who won 25-22.

Drew Brees was clearly not used to the windy conditions in San Francisco, but that didn’t stop him from throwing the ball downfield, with mixed results.  In the second half, however, he started to find ways to sneak his passes through the wind and move the ball down the field.  He finished the day 28 for 38 with 254 yards.  He also managed to protect the ball.  On a night where the 49ers turned the ball over 4 times, Brees and the Saints did not cough it up once.  He also threw for 2 touchdowns and his quarterback rating (which does not take into account the windy conditions, I might add) was a stellar 108.9.

The Saints did not look especially sharp in the first half, but the weather conditions were clearly affecting them.  They made the necessary adjustments and held off a solid San Francisco team to pull out the victory and go to 2-0.  Drew Brees is one of the best players in the league right now and he continues to show why week in and week out.  This week, he earns another “Stat Line of the Night”, and will surely be a candidate for many future stat lines.

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