This Is What A Basketball Hole-In-One Looks Like (Video)

Tiger Woods may be the best golfer around, and Michael Jordan has been labeled by many as the best basketball player ever, but when you combine the two sports together neither can match the talents of Ohio’s John Jones.  This teenager put his skills to the test by attempting to hit what we are calling a “basketball hole-in-one” from several yards away.  All that is required for this trick is a basketball, a steel shaft golf club, a basketball net, and a handy camcorder.

Some people may be quick to call this video fake, claiming that it is impossible to hit a basketball that far with a golf club without damaging the shaft, but there are three things that you should remember before coming to such a conclusion:

1.  The club being used has a steel shaft, making it much better suited to withstand the force of hitting a basketball.

2.  The basketball is likely somewhat deflated, taking some pressure off the shooter’s wrists.

3.  The hoop is placed well below the shooter, allowing him to hit the ball further without having to get as much height under it.

So with that being said, what do you think?  Real or fake?

Hat Tip – [TrueHoop]

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