This Packers Fan Had A Little Too Much To Drink (Video)

So let me guess.  This Packers fan showed up to the Lambeau Field parking lot four hours before kickoff this past Sunday thinking to himself, “It is too bad we are playing the Buffalo Bills today, and seeing how this game should be over halfway through the first quarter, I may as well release my inner Joe Namath and get as drunk as a skunk.”

Looks like his plan was a success.

Something tells me that this guy probably didn’t make it into the stadium for the game, but he didn’t miss much.  After all, the only thing that would probably have made him feel sicker than his following-day hangover was watching the inept Bills offense operate.

And besides, judging by his jersey he likely would have been disappointed to learn that Brett Favre is no longer the starting quarterback for the Packers.

Hat Tip – [With Leather]

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