Arizona Fans Are A Bitter, Classless Bunch (Video)

I’d hate to generalize about all Arizona University fans based on these bitter, classless souls, but how can I not?  Between the fat bitch that wont shut up down in front, her fat friend who believes that marrying a white man entitles her to dish out racial slurs to the “white trash crackers” from Iowa, and the douchebag male that thinks he is tough because he can slap a guy’s camera, it is times like this that I pat myself on the back for not becoming a pathetic lowlife like these individuals.

It is a f*&king football game.  These guys came from Iowa to cheer on their team.  They are not trying to take over your city.  Lighten up a little.

Nothing makes me sicker than seeing a dweeb with his $5 hair cut who thinks he is tough because he can yell and slap someone, and then run behind the dozens of fellow fans in his home stadium.  This guy wouldn’t survive a minute in the unfriendly confines of Lincoln Financial Field or Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Stay classy Arizona!  And cheer the f*%k up!  You have Nick Foles as your quarterback!

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