The Stat Line of the Night — 9/26/10 — Adrian Peterson

adrian petersonWhen Brett Favre came out of retirement, again, right before the season started, most people had Minnesota penciled into the NFC Championship game and even the Super Bowl.  Sure, it might take a few weeks for him to get his rhythm since he missed all of camp, but its Brett Favre, right?  Wrong.  He has been awful during the first three games and yesterday was no exception.  Thankfully the Vikings have another man to carry the load.  Superstar Adrian Peterson is not backing down from the weight of that load.

Peterson is arguably the best running back in the league and single-handedly took it upon himself to power the Vikes to victory yesterday.  The Detroit Lions defense could not keep up with him, as he rushed for 160 yards on 23 carries.  He also managed to score 2 touchdowns in the process.  His biggest run of the day was an 80 yard scamper for a touchdown in the 3rd quarter that put the Vikings ahead by an insurmountable 2 touchdowns.  That lead would hold up as they went on to win 24-10.

The Vikings have a twofold problem now.  Not only are they struggling to score points and create offense with the passing game, but the Bears and Packers are looking stronger than ever.  The Vikings will have to rely heavily on Peterson until Favre gets his rhythm back (if he ever gets his rhythm back, he is 50 you know).  For now, Peterson takes the “Stat Line of the Night” and saves the Vikings season by preventing an 0-3 start.

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