This Is How You Take Care Of Streakers In Sports (Video)

Tackling, tripping and tasing are just a few ways to take care of crazy fans who get their kicks out of running onto the field of play during a sporting event.  While all of these tactics may have proven to be effective in the past, none are capable of rounding up and taking out the trash quite like lassoing the trespassers.

This was the scene at a Chilean rodeo, where two females who entered the ring in an attempt to protest the competition were quickly lassoed and dragged out of harms way by the competitors.  It appears as though they set a pretty good time in the process as well.

After seeing this, it is clear that a rodeo is probably the last place anyone should be doing any streaking or trespassing.  After all, these guys make their living by chasing down wild mammals and taking them down.  Looks like they just added two more to their list.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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