Old Man Gets His Groove On, Grinds With Hot ASU Chicks (Video)

After watching this clip, two things have become quite evident:

1.  For an old man, this guy sure can move.  Just look at him bend over and back that ass up for all the lovely young ladies circled around him.  And he doesn’t just go for a quick 30 seconds.  He tears that rug up for at least a solid six minutes, if not more.

2.  The females at Arizona State are hot as hell.  It is almost unfair!  Just look around.  I don’t think I saw one ugly chick for the entire six minutes of this clip.  They are literally all hot, or at least somewhat hot.  Like some have a cute face, others has great legs, or perfect breasts, and then there are those that have it all.  I can’t spot a single female that can honestly make me say, “Damn, she has nothing to offer.”  How did they not make our list of 9 Colleges With The Hottest Sports Fans?

Take a look for yourself!

Hat Tip – [Guyism]

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