Coaches Brawl During PeeWee Football Game In Texas (Video)

This whole incident is nothing short of crazy.  PeeWee football coaches engage in a brawl after two players begin shoving each other on the field.  Some of the 12-year-old players attempt to restrain the coaches, but to no avail.  And for their punishment, the kids can’t go to the playoffs.

Are you kidding me?  Some grumpy old men attempt to beat each other to a pulp, and it is the kids who get punished?  How about suspending the coaches from the league for life?  And aren’t the parents and coaches the ones who should be breaking up fights between their kids, rather than the kids breaking up the parents?

Here is the news report on the incident.  See if you can make any sense of their actions.

Hat Tip- [The Big Lead]

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