Great Play Gets Called Back After Player Loses Helmet (Video)

So let me get this straight.  This player from McNeil High School in Texas sacrifices his body by making a leaping catch across the middle of the field, gets his helmet ripped off his head, stays on his feet, breaks a few tackles and makes his way into the end zone, but it is all for not because the referees decided to blow the play dead after he lost his helmet?

I understand that there are safety issues to be considered here, but if that was the case, shouldn’t they have blown their whistles immediately after he lost his helmet, rather than waiting until after he had already shrugged off several tackles and made his way into the end zone?  I mean, the guy just showed a great deal of testicular fortitude buy continuing to play without his helmet.  The least they could do is give him his touchdown.  I think he earned it!

Unfortunately the refs and rulebook don’t feel the same way.

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