Video Emerges Of Packers’ Nick Collins’ Confrontation With Bears Fans (Video)

A loss to a division rival on the last play of the game can be a tough pill to swallow for any player.  Packers’ free safety Nick Collins is no exception.   So with Collins heading to the locker room already disgruntled after a 20-17 loss to the Chicago Bears on Monday night, all it would take was a few racial slurs to really set him off.

Those slurs would come from a Bears’ fans seated along the railing next to the tunnel which leads to the Packers locker room.  After exchanging a few words, cameras captured Collins throwing his mouth guard at the fans before continuing on his way towards the locker room.

Following the incident, Collins apologized for his actions but stated that the reason he snapped was because one of the fans yelled the n-word at him.

The league will be investigating the incident, but if Collins’ claim is true, I wouldn’t expect them to take any sort of action against the Packers’ safety.  After all, someone who is naive enough to use a racial slur deserves to have a mouth guard thrown at him.

Hat Tip – [SportsByBrooks]

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