Jays’ Players Sport Mustaches In Cito Gaston’s Farewell Game

cito gaston farewell

In 1982, Cito Gaston joined the Toronto Blue Jays coaching staff as a hitting coach.  In 1989 he was named the club’s manager and only three years later he would begin a run of back-to-back World Series Championship seasons with the Jays.  Those two league titles would be the last the city would see from any of their three major sports teams (Jays, Raptors, and Maple Leafs).  After a few lackluster seasons, Gaston was fired in 1997 by then GM Gord Ash.  He rejoined the club in the middle of the 2008 campaign, but decided that 2010 would be his final season as a manager.

With that, we take you to last night, which was dubbed “Cito Gaston Appreciation Night” at the Rogers Center in Toronto as the Jays took on the New York Yankees in Gaston’s final home game as the Jays’ bench-boss.  Cito was presented with a painting from Vernon Wells’ father and a Rolex watch, and received several standing ovations throughout the night, but perhaps the most fitting tribute would come in the bottom of the first inning.

Gaston was known for many things as a manager, but perhaps his most telling attribute was his mustache.  So in honor of the many great years he spent with the club, some of the Jays’ players decided to dawn some Cito-like mustaches of their own using eye black.

Travis Snider was one of those players, and with the power of the ‘stache behind him, he would lead off the bottom of the first inning with a home run.  The Jays would add two more dingers on the night, setting a new club record with 247 on the season as they went on to beat the Yankees by a score of 8-4.

For a man who was known for his knowledge as a batting coach and his thick hair-line above his upper-lip, Snider’s opening at bat seems like the perfect way for the team, and the entire city to say “Thanks for the memories Cito” one last time.

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