Nate Robinson Dunks On Shaq, Still Waiting For His Reward (Video)

During the Boston Celtics’ playoff run last post-season, it became apparent that Nate Robinson and Glen “Big Baby” Davis were quite the combo (just look at these two together).  Now it appears as though Nate has his sights set on another one of the team’s big men.

Word around the Celtics’ camp is that Robinson and Shaq have hit it off quite nicely since Boston acquired the services of the Big Diesel, and the two wasted little time making things interesting.  With training camp underway, Shaw placed a bet on the table stating that he would reward Krypto-Nate with “something special” if the 5-foot-7 guard could dunk on him.

Nate wasted no time making good on his part of the deal.

Now it is Shaq’s turn to own up to his bet and give Nate his “special” reward.  Could it be a VHS copy of Kazaam, signed by Shaq himself?  We’ll let you know as soon as we find out.

Hat Tip – [Ball Don’t Lie]

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