Sideline Acrobatics Result In Crazy Interception (Video)

This play from a Division III game between Gallaudet University and Castleton State looks more like something you would expect to see along the goal line after a punt bounces into the end zone, rather than during an interception.  But as we have seen before, just because these guys don’t play Division I NCAA football, doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of making a big play, or two.

The orchestrator of this play was Gallaudet’s Tony Tatum, who used a bit of acrobatics along the sideline to tip a deflected pass to teammate Shelby Bean to complete this improbable interception.

With all the attention this play has been receiving, you would think that Gallaudet had won the game.  Unfortunately that was not the case as a 20-yard field goal with only 11 seconds remaining would be the deciding factor in a 31-28 loss for the Bison.  Tough loss, but when your team is making plays like this, most people tend to overlook the scoreboard in favor of the highlight reel.

Hat Tip – [Dr. Saturday]

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