Jeff Overton’s “Boom Baby!” Celebration At The Ryder Cup (Video)

When it comes to golf, few people would characterize it as a game of high intensity.  But that all changes at the Ryder Cup when the Europe-vs-USA dynamic is added into the mix.  Suddenly, the battle for national and continental pride adds a level of emotion rarely seen out on the course.

That was evident during Sunday’s fourball action when the USA’s Jeff Overton used some nasty backspin to drop his second shot on the 8th hole into the cup for an eagle.  If you thought Tiger Woods’ fist pumps were emphatic, wait until you hear Overton’s “Boom Baby!”

Perhaps the only one more pumped-up than Overton was his partner, Bubba Watson.  However, I can’t help but wonder if such enthusiasm is ever really beneficial to one’s game on the golf course.  Apparently not, or at least not in this case as Overton and Watson would eventually fall to the European pairing of Peter Hanson and Miguel Angel Jiménez.

As for the rest of the American team, they would make things interesting, but in the end they just didn’t appear to have enough “boom”, “bang”, or anything else as they fell 14.5 to 13.5 to the Europeans.

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