20 Overzealous and Over The Top Celebrations (Videos)

Passions run high in sports, especially in moments of triumph, but at some point, you have to say “enough is enough.” You may be taken by the moment, but that doesn’t give you license to act like an escaped mental patient during your celebration. There is no better example of such misguided zeal than the Ryder Cup, where we get to watch 50 year-old men perform awkward fist pumps and whiff high fives. I’m not saying these guys should stop, cause it’s pretty damned entertaining, but be aware that these moments will be memorialized and may very well haunt you for the rest of your days. With that chilling thought in mind, let’s examine 16 moments of celebratory overkill.

20. Henrik Andersen

The Lambeau Leap only really works because there are no barriers and a horde of excited fans to cushion your fall. If you skate quickly towards, then hurl yourself into a plexiglass panel, the situation is probably going to play out one of two ways. Either you will bounce of the panel like a BB shot at a freight train or you will penetrate the glass panel, probably injure some fans, and look like a total asshat. Kind of a lose-lose proposition, but this guy got off light when the result was the latter and not the former.

19. Toronto Argonauts Attention Whore Wide Receiver

This is painful. I watch NFL games and there are LITERALLY no players pretending to be the exhumed corpse of Michael Jackson in order to pay meta-tribute to the late pop star. That’s where the CFL and NFL diverge. The referees hit this gentleman with two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. They should have also hit him with a folding chair and a Mack truck.

18. Winnipeg Bombers

It’s not up for debate that this is easily the most compelling game of celebratory Duck, Duck, Goose ever performed by a Canadian Football League team on a dual-purpose field. I guess when you’re living in a country that’s not under the threat of terrorism and random crime every day, you have time for more trivial pursuits. Additionally, I’m not sure that any achievement in the realm of Canadian football has ever merited anything more than a half-hearted handshake.

17. Theo Fleury

Wow. It’s almost hard to believe after watching this goal that Theo Fleury suffered from psychological and substance abuse problems. Just kidding. It’s easy to see that. Knee slide to fist pump to barrel roll to dog pile. I don’t think the Allied Forces celebrated this much on VE Day.

16. Chad Johnson

Sorry, I’m still not ever calling him “Ochocinco.” When it comes to celebrations, unless he summons an entire Cirque de Soleil troupe to come out and perform feats of flexibility while he gets beamed up by a UFO with George Clinton and 2Pac, we’re probably not going to be too surprised. But this “Riverdance”-inspired celebration shows us that while he can’t necessarily surprise us, he’s still pretty capable of embarrassing himself. Sweet jig, 85.

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