Bolivian President Knees Member Of Opposition Party In The Groin During Friendly Soccer Match (Video)

If you thought a battle between Manchester City and Manchester United was intense, wait until you see this footage of a friendly match between Bolivian President Evo Morales’ Movement towards Socialism team and La Paz mayor Luis Revilla’s Movement Without Fear opposition party team.

After being hit several times, as he described it, the Bolivian President was caught on camera kneeing Daniel Gustavo Cartagena (a member of the opposing team, and the opposition party) in the groin.  Surprisingly, Morales was not shown a card for his actions. Apparently sometimes political power does extend onto the soccer pitch.

The game was clearly not for the faint of heart as four players were sent off, including Cartagena and one of the President’s body guards.  Once the final whistle blew, police attempted to arrest Cartagena, but were stopped by Revilla.

As for President Morales, reports indicate that he suffered some bruising to his right thigh.  However, the injury is not expected to keep him out of his upcoming Presidential campaign.

And I thought that the only time we would ever get to see political rivals take on one another in a sporting event was in the new NBA Jam.  I Guess I was wrong.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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