Obama, Bush, Clinton All Make An Appearance In New ‘NBA Jam’

Bush vs Clinton NBA Jam

If you are a Toronto Raptors fan, like myself, you may not be all that enthusiastic to use them while playing the new NBA Jam for Nintendo Wii.  But like any real fan will tell you, it is a sin to turn against your team in favor of the opposition.  So what other options do you have?

Well, you could always try playing with the Obama-led Democrats or the Bush-led Republicans.  The current President and his predecessor, along with the likes of Bill and Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Sarah Palin have all been added to the newest edition of this classic childhood basketball video game.

Just check out the killer-crossover on Obama as he zips past LeBron James.

Obama crossover NBA Jam

And for the finishing touch, he puts his stamp of approval on this basket, right in the face of the King himself.

Obama dunk NBA Jam

I guess all of our political debates can now be settled on the hard court.  Thanks NBA Jam.  Once again you have successfully solved all the world’s problems.

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