2010 Fantasy Football: Monday NFL Rewind (Week 5)

Brees sad

When you witness the reigning Super Bowl MVP, Drew Brees, throw three interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown on the final drive of the game, and lose 30-20 to an undrafted rookie, you just know that sh*t has hit the fan in the NFL.

Week five was a wild one that saw Peyton Manning throw zero touchdowns in a victory, the current leading rusher in the NFL (Arian Foster) manage only 27 total yards, and the Oakland Raiders use two blocked punts to beat the San Diego Chargers for the first time since September 2003.  Some players appeared to use this week to regain their form (i.e. Ray Rice and Matt Forte), while others will hope to forget what turned out to be a nightmarish Sunday (Matt Schaub).

Week five was hardly a week that will help us answer any questions, but what it did do was teach us that nothing is ever a safe bet in the NFL.  More so than any other year before, this year’s championship appears to be up for grabs to just about any team that is willing to make sacrifices for the ultimate prize.  No team remains undefeated, and every division race is tight from top to bottom.  So for now, the only thing I can guarantee is that things will only get more interesting from here on out.

Here is a look at what happened during week five in this edition of the TPS Monday NFL Fantasy Rewind.

Jacksonville 36 at Buffalo 26 – Who would have guessed that the two quarterbacks in this game would combine for 6 passing touchdowns?

Denver 17 at Baltimore 31 – Could Brandon Lloyd be this year’s Miles Austin?

Kansas City 9 at Indianapolis 19 – In a game featuring the likes of Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark and Jamaal Charles, the lone touchdown came from Mike Hart.  Go figure.

Green Bay 13 at Washington 16The Packers’ injury report may be the length of a novel after this game.

St. Louis 6 at Detroit 44 – The strong run of rookie quarterback Sam Bradford had to end somewhere, but against Detroit?

Chicago 23 at Carolina 6 – I hear both the Bears and the Panthers are now accepting resumes for their quarterback positions.

Tampa Bay 24 at Cincinnati 21 – Is it now fair to say that Carson Palmer is a bust?

Atlanta 20 at Cleveland 10 -With Wallace and Delhomme injured, Colt McCoy may get the nod at quarterback for the Browns, but don’t rush to pick him up off your waiver wire just yet.

New York Giants 34 at Houston 10Will someone please let the Texans’ secondary know that the 2010 season has begun.  So whenever they would like to show up, they are more than welcome.

New Orleans 20 at Arizona 30 – Drew Brees owners may now feel free to begin panicking.

Tennessee 24 at Dallas 27 -Is there any receiver in the NFL that is more reliable than Miles Austin?  I wouldn’t bet on it.

San Diego 27 at Oakland 35 – Ryan Matthews, 9 carries, 59 yards, 6.6 average; Mike Tolbert, 12 carries, 11 yards, 0.9 average, 1 lost fumble.  Hey Turner!  How about giving Mathews the starting job back!

Philadelphia 27 at San Friacisco 24 – Judging by the late game performance of Alex Smith, perhaps the 49ers should run their offense like they are playing from behind every drive.

Your Fantasy team likely won if it looked something like this…

QB: Philip Rivers, SD – 431 yards, 2 TDs, 2 FL
RB: Matt Forte, CHI – 188 total yards, 2 TDs
RB: Ray Rice, BAL – 159 total yards, 2 TDs
WR: Malcom Floyd, SD – 213 yards, 1 TD
WR: Brandon Lloyd, DEN – 135 yards, 2 TDs
TE: Mercedes Lewis, JAC – 54 yards, 2 TDs
K: Josh Scobee, JAC – 5 FGs, 3 XPs
DEF: Lions – 1 sack, 2 INTs, 1 DFR, 2 DTD, 6 PA, 341 TYdA

Your fantasy team likely lost if it looked something like this…

QB: Matt Schaub, HOU- 196 yards, 1 INT, 1 FL
RB: Arian Foster, HOU – 27 total yards
RB: Cadillac Williams, TB – 33 total yards
WR: Greg Jennings, GB – 22 yards
WR: Anquan Boldin, BAL – 8 yards
TE: Dallas Clark, IND – 20 yards
K: Neil Rackers, HOU – 1 FG, 1 XP
DEF: Chargers – 3 Sacks, 35 PA, 279 TYdA

Here is a look at some of the highlights from week five…

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