Cards’ Rookie QB Max Hall Gets Jacked Up (Video)

With undrafted rookie Max Hall set to start Sunday’s game for the Arizona Cardinals, it seemed to be a foregone conclusion that the New Orleans Saints would record their fourth win of the season.

However, in appeared as though the Saints were interested in seeing who would be next in line at quarterback for the Cards, and they almost found out after three defenders lit up Hall with a bone-crushing tackle in the red zone.

Hits like that are capable of changing games.  However, in this case it would change the game in favor of the Cards’.  Rather than settling for a field goal on fourth down, the fumble resulting from the hit was picked up by offensive lineman Levi Brown who would take it into the end zone for a touchdown.  That tied things up at 10-10, and 32 minutes later the Cards would be celebrating a 30-20 victory over the defending Super Bowl champions.

Max Hall would finish the game completing 17-of-27 passes for 168 yards and one interception.  With that being said, it may be safe to say that his best, and most productive, play of the afternoon was fumbling the ball after being jacked up by Anthony Hargrove.

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