Jock and Awe: 30 Athletes Grabbing Their Junk

We’re feeling a little homoerotic here at Total Pro Sports (must be a weekday). In honor of our confusing yet titillating feelings, we’ve put together this compilation of athletes who were caught grabbing their junk (and sometimes other people’s junk). It’s not the classiest picture compilation we’ve ever put together, but hey, they can’t all be pictures of athlete camel-toe malfunctions, now can they? And even those of you who aren’t aroused by the sight of Mike Ditka shaking his sack can enjoy the humor in these candid photographs.

So, without further ado, here are 30 funny pictures of athletes adjusting themselves. Enjoy.

30. Finish Track Star Looking Faaaabulous!

29. Andy Roddick Could Use a Ball Boy
andy r

28. Jesus Christ, A-Rod? Get a Room!

27. A-Rod Strikes Again

26. If You Make This List 3 Times, You Clearly Slept With Madonna
Guillen ARod Crotch

25. Brandon Inge Has An Itch

24. Double Trouble
Brownie Scratching His

23. This Is What the Cubs Think of The Post Season

22. I Believe That Counts As An Assist

21. Talk About Scrummage
88 Love At First Grab

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