The Saddest Onside Kick Ever, via Texas Tech (Video)

Attempting an onside kick early in a football game can present quite the dilemma.  A successful one is enough to make the coach, kicker and players all look great.  But when they fail, you can pretty much get your goat horns ready.

As for this first quarter attempt by Texas Tech in their battle against Baylor on Saturday, I don’t think goat horns are going to do any justice.  Instead, we may have to break out a giant set of goat antlers for the Red Raiders’ kick-off team after this embarrassing debacle.

Just two questions: 1)  Did the kicker think he was kicking an eggshell?  How about putting a little power behind that boot!

2)  What were the rest of the Texas Tech players doing?  Once the ball came to a complete halt after seven yards, did they think it would magically pick up steam and roll itself another three yards?  After all those years of playing football, doesn’t at least one of them know that the ball is live on a kick-off?

Texas Tech managed to escape the game with a 45-38 victory, but for the time being, coach Tommy Tuberville may want to scrap the onside kick from his playbook.

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