Steve Nash Gets A Bikini Wax In ‘FIFA Soccer 11’ Commercial (Video)

Steve Nash may be one of the best basketball players on the planet, but sometimes he likes to think of himself as being among the best in other things.  Video games and soccer just so happen to be two of those things, so when EA Sports announced that they would be holding a Pro Player Challenge to find out who the best FIFA Soccer 11 gamer among professional soccer players is, Nash would not allow himself to be left out of the fray.

So how does a former NBA MVP prove that he is worthy of competing in a competition intended for only professional soccer players?  One way is to beat America’s best footballer at his own game.  And in an effort to do just that, Nash traveled to Los Angeles to take on the Galaxy’s Landon Donovan.

And as Nash put it, while he his out there in L.A. awaiting the competition, he may as well “clean up the shop a little bit.”  When in Rome…I guess.

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