Check Out This Dong-Flashing NASCAR Fan (SFW Video)

See what happens when you let a sports icon like Brett Favre get away with sending his dong pics to any girls he desires?  Kids begin to think that it is okay to whip it out and shake it in the face of any innocent bystander.  After all, if Brett can do it, why can’t we all?

Well this one kid took things a little too far.  After being asked to leave his seat by security at Pocono Raceway, he obliged, but not before unleashing his dong and giving it a little shake in the face of the man who got him kicked out.  So how does one react to having a stranger’s dong waved in their face?  Exactly how you would expect them to react.  By kicking the perverted S.O.B.’s ass.

Why do I feel like a NASCAR race is just about the only place something like this would happen? Stay classy NASCAR fans!

Hat Tip to reader C.C. for the find.

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