Former Cubs Pitcher Auctioning Off Sammy Sosa’s Corked Bat

sammy sosa corked bat

During a game against the Tampa Bay Rays on June 3, 2003, Sammy Sosa hit a ground ball to second base that would prove to be quite costly to him, and quite profitable for former Cubs pitcher Mike Remlinger.  Sosa’s bat shattered on the play, causing the umpires to investigate what appeared to be a corked bat.  Sosa was eventually ejected from the game and suspended by the league.

As for the bat, Remlinger would find it sticking out from beneath a bag on the floor of the tunnel between the dugout and clubhouse later that day.  Rather than just leave it there for someone else to discover, Remlinger decided that the piece of memorabilia would be better off in his possession.

“I saw it there and figured the umpires and the league might be looking for it, and it wouldn’t be any help to him or our team if they found it so I picked it up and brought it into the clubhouse with me,” Remlinger said. “I had a fishing rod case in my locker, and I just put it in there and covered it up with a couple of towels and left it in there. It was there for the rest of the year until I brought it home.” []

Remlinger claims that he contacted Sosa last year to ask if he wanted his bat back, and although Sosa had initially said “yes,” Remlinger never heard from Sammy again and decided that the souvenir was now his to keep.

However, it will not be his for long.  On October 1, Remlinger placed the corked bat on Schulte Auctions, where the current bid stands at $5,050, but with the auction lasting until October 31, he expects it to reach somewhere around $15,000.

Should Sosa ever be indicted for lying to Congress during his 2005 testimony, that corked bat could have certainly helped to pay his lawyer fees.

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