Rangers Break Out The Ginger Ale After ALDS Victory

josh hamilton doused with ginger ale

When the Texas Rangers clinched a playoff birth and the division title in September, MVP candidate Josh Hamilton refused to take part in the post-game locker room celebration.  Hamilton isn’t opposed to celebrations, and this wasn’t the case of a player refusing to celebrate until his team wins it all.  Instead, being a recovering drug and alcohol addict, Hamilton chose to resist temptation by declining to be doused with champagne, and left the clubhouse to meet up with a church group.

This time around, his Rangers teammates would make sure that their All-Star slugging center-fielder would not miss out on all the celebratory fun as they opted to substitute champagne for some good old-fashion Canada Dry Ginger Ale.  But don’t kid yourself folks.  This stuff burns the eyes just about as much as the real bubbly.

We applaud the Rangers for their thoughtful gesture and consideration for Josh Hamilton here.  As for the real bubbly, it would eventually get popped open after Hamilton exited the clubhouse.

Hat Tip – [Big League Stew]

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