15 Most Atrocious Sports Logos That Ever Existed

10. Cleveland Browns
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He may be diminutive, but this guy scares the crap out of me. This guy came about during a brainstorming session involving far too much LSD and the creative minds were all getting tired, so they just stuck with it. After a nightmare of a logo like this, it’s fairly easy to see why the Browns have stuck with simply the color orange ever since.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Oh, man.  I’m sure at one point, pirates were scary. I’m still scared of Somali pirates, but swashbucklers have been so mainstreamed over the past 30 years that it’s no surprise the Bucs ended up with a picture of Clark Gable winking at them as their logo. The equivalent today would be calling your team the Vampires and using a picture of a pale, unkempt Robert Pattinson as your logo. 62 thumbs down.

8. Milwaukee Bucks

I hate when mascots wear sweaters. Men (or in this case, deer) of action don’t wear sweaters. They wear tuxedos or flak jackets. They also don’t look quite so pleased with themselves as this bastard does. His eyes are closed, he’s grinning. What’s he done that’s so great? This must have been during the Oscar Robertson years and not the Glenn Robinson or “Michael Redd’s bionic knee” years.

7. Tennessee Titans

While I admire the simplicity, this logo is indicative of a current trend that is driving me nuts. The graphic designers will take a simple enough design (like a T with a circle and stars around it), then use about 4,000 colors and shading techniques to make it look like a piece of eastern European propaganda circa 1951.

6. Wisconsin Badgers

I admire the effort, but Bucky is clearly posturing here.  Chest puffed out, fists clenched, not-so-menacing snarl on his face.  All of these devices are moot when you’re wearing a turtleneck sweater with red and white pinstripes. That shit may have flown in the 50’s, but nowadays, your ass will get taken down by some dude with a goatee and a “TapOut” t-shirt on. I realize there’s more history in this logo than all the others, but it can’t go unsaid.

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