15 Most Atrocious Sports Logos That Ever Existed

5. Oklahoma City Thunder

It looks more like the logo for a parcel delivery service than an up-and-coming NBA team.  In hindsight, the logo could have just been one of those Calvin logos except with Clay Bennett whizzing on the Space Needle.

4. Montreal Expos

Name your team after the World’s Fair and the expectations will be duly managed. This logo looks more like a Pokemon character that’s been vandalized than it does a baseball logo. The “ELB” is shorthand for “Expos Le Basebol”, so it’s, uh…French.

3. Madrid Olympics Logo

Olympic logos are always painfully bizarre, as they have to manage to not offend or even confuse 6 billion people, but this fact always makes them even more confusing. You’ve got the focus of the world on your city, and the best you can come up with is “it’s multi-colored hand.” Let me guess, each of the colors represents, diversity, unity, tolerance, blue, and peace? Wow.  I can’t believe I got it on the first guess.

2. South Shore Shooters

Holy shadowing, Batman!  I like the idea of having a team named after gamblers, as they have a reputation of being bad ass and dangerous, but with the dice so prominently featured, it seems that this team may be made up of gambling addicts, who are weak and somewhat pitiful. Also, “South Shore Shooters” sounds like a tongue twister. Or a strip club.

1. Victoria Salmon Kings

This is not a salmon. It’s a dolphin, or a porpoise. Yet they still refuse to give it teeth. While the name clearly indicates that this team are the kings of the salmon, it’s done so by etching the team name into the crown so roughly it looks like it was done by a marketing intern. I hope these guys never play the Grizzlies. When you’re looking for a menacing symbol for your team, try to stay away from things that look like they should be balancing ball on their nose. (And yes, I know that’s normally seals, but this guy would look right at home doing that, too.)

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