Guy Test-Driving $1.6 Million Bugatti Veyron Backs Into A Toyota (Video)

Does it get more embarrassing than this?

You just stepped into a car that is worth more than most people make over the course of their lives.  Everyone is standing around watching you, some people even filming the episode.  They are all waiting to see you back out so that they can hear the roar of that Bugatti Veyron engine (the guy filming even says “I just have to hear the engine on this”).  With a couple of spotters placed behind the $1.6 million car, you begin to back out, thinking to yourself, “Finally, I am going to get to take this baby for a ride,” when suddenly your test-drive is cut short thanks to that Toyota which is inconveniently placed behind you.

Word has it that the driver was charged $30,000 for the damages.  I guess you can chalk this one up as the most expensive test-drive ever.

Hat Tip – [Tampa Bay Examiner]

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