Matt Barnes Introduces Kings’ Carl Landry To A Lakers Girl During Game (Video)

The Lakers’ Matt Barnes may have the reputation of being a dirty player who likes to get under the skin of the opposition, but even he is capable of a kind gesture every once in a while.

My only question is this: Is intentionally throwing an opponent onto a Lakers Girl considered to be a dirty play, or an act of kindness?  Think about it.  There is certainly nothing friendly about grabbing your opponent’s arm and throwing him over your hip, but does that all change when the intended landing point for your opponent just so happens to be the area where a gorgeous busty blond Laker Girl is sitting?

I wonder what Sacramento Kings’ Carl Landry would have to say about that.  After all, he was the lucky recipient of that quick little meet-and-greet with the lovely Laker Girl Ashley.  Take a look.

Hat Tip – [SportsByBrooks]

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